GOAN FISH CURRY GF Goan Specialty (21) cubed halibut in a sauce of coconut milk, tamarind, sesame seeds, green chilies and indian spices

SHRIMP MALAI KEBAB GF North Indian (22) tandoori grilled jumbo prawns served dry, marinated in saffron and yogurt, served with grilled vegetables

MACHILI TANDOOR GF House Specialty (27) tandoori grilled sea bass filet served dry with indian spices and grilled vegetables

SHRIMP MAPAS GF Specialty of Kerala Region (22) jumbo prawns in a coconut tamarind sauce with turmeric, ginger, and other spices

JHINGA JALFREZI GF British Influence (22) jumbo prawns in a thick and spicy ginger, turmeric tomato sauce with sweet red peppers and fresh cilantro

LAMB we serve halal, pasture-raised lamb from New Zealand 

SALI BOTI GF Parsi Specialty (19) cubed lamb with apricots, tomatoes and garam masala 

LAMB ULATIYATHU GF Specialty of Kerala (19) cubed lamb with thick sauce of coconut, curry leaves, onion and spices

MIXED GRILL GF Northern Indian Influence (28) an assortment of tandoori grilled lamb, chicken, and seafood kebabs served dry with grilled vegetables

LAMB PHAAL !! GF British Influence (19) spicy cubed lamb in a sauce of garam masala and turmeric with tomato, onions and red chilies

LAMB MASALAWALA GF House Specialty (27) tandoori grilled, grass-fed rack of lamb in a 24-hour marinade of ground cashews and yogurt with fresh mint, ginger, garlic served with grilled vegetables

LAMB BIRYANI GF Specialty of Bombay Region (18) saffron basmati rice, scented with rosewater, cardamon, star anise, and cinnamon, folded togetherwith curried lamb

LAMB SHANK ROGAN JOSH GF Persian (21) lamb shank, slow-cooked in a sauce of saffron, garam masala and a blend of chilies