Unexpected, understated, and fundamentally authentic. In an alchemical feat of flavor and flare, Cinnamon manages to be both authentic and innovative. Whereas most Indian restaurants ply you with a predictable list of Sub-Continental All Stars, Cinnamon offers a tour of almost
every Indian state.
- Chronogram

Our menu features dishes from Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab, and specialties from Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, Bombay in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha. Chef Chaminda applies Persian, Parsi, and Pakistani influences as well to create original flavors and novel plates with unrivalled technique and presentation. We take great care in sourcing vegetables, meats and milk locally from the Hudson Valley. Our food is made fresh, on site and affordable. The only thing from far away is our halal, grass-fed New Zealand lamb, selected for its world-renowned quality and succulent texture.

Our newly designed interior has the feel of a contemporary farmhouse—wainscoting, painted beams, butcher block tabletops, modern Edison bulb light fixtures, and a marble-topped, purple-paneled bar.  Hand-lettered Devanagari script encircles the room with messages of joy.  Our love for family and friends inspired us to include a 20-foot communal table where diners share good times meeting and making new friends.

We tapped Matthew Kelly to compose our stellar beer and wine list. As part of our commitment to locally sourced products our bottled beer comes entirely from New York State: porter, pilsner, pale ale, and IPA. The wine list is extensive, with rosé and prosecco from Italy, Malbec from Mendoza, classic California reds and whites, and more. An exotic selection of original recipe cocktails are beautifully crafted to enhance our food’s flavor.

We strive to create an experience of elegance and delight in all aspects of your meal, from drinks to décor and, of course, food.