VEGETABLE SAMOSA V South Indian Style (8) indian pastry stuffed with vegetables

LASUNI GOBI V Chinese Influence (9) crispy cauliflower with special tomato sauce

BOTI KEBAB GF Specialty of Andra Region (11) chunks of lamb marinated in ginger and garlic for 24 hours and grilled in our tandoor oven

ANDRA CHILI CHICKEN ! GF Andra Region (9) boneless chicken in a spicy sauce of ginger and garlic with fresh green peppers

TANDOORI PLATTER GF Northern India (12) assorted chicken and homemade lamb sausage grilled in our tandoor oven

CALAMARI Specialty of Goa (11) crisp fried calamari in a tamarind sauce

PALAK CHAAT AV Contemporary Dish (9) crisp fried spinach leaves topped with sev (crisp noodles), chopped onions and fresh tomatoes drizzled with cilantro & mint chutney, tamarind sauce, and yogurt